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Effect"$2 Bill Tear" A $2 Bill is torn into separate $1 Bills, then restored! In "Expansion of Texture", the spectator chooses which coin: copper or silver, will visibly pass through a silk handkerchief, then the effect works in reverse!

Credits: "$2 Bill Tear" Bert Jacques & Gene Keeney. "Expansion of Texture"  Dai Vernon & L'Homme Masque

Source: Two of the many great effects from Michael Ammar's "Easy to Master Money Miracles" Volume 2 DVD

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The $2 Bill Tear is really visual, organic magic; the perfect type of effect to carry around in your pocket or wallet at all times.

I worked out this particular handling after hearing about an effect where a $2 bill turns into two $1 bills. My guess was that it must seem like you tear the $2 in half to make the ones, but later I discovered my handling was different than the original, which was accomplished by just folding and unfolding the bills.

So this handling has some interesting touches, such as a way to end by resetting the effect right in front of the spectator while you reveal the final climax of the routine. This has really withstood the test of time for me.... I've been doing this the exact same way for over 30 years!

Expansion of Texture is one of the effects from Stars of Magic I was fortunate enough to have learned directly from the Professor himself, Dai Vernon. This is an interesting effect in todays world, but when the Professor was around this was considered a great classic of close up magic because men and women always carried a handkerchief. So the ability to do something really cool with this everyday object was worth its weight in gold. There aren't as many handkerchiefs around today, but you can find cloth napkins in most nice restaurants. So if you do this in the right place at the right time, this effect is just as good today as it ever was!

Following the Performance and Explanation of each effect I repeat the explanation with an over-the-shoulder SuperPractice Session to reinforce everything. Following the explanations and SuperPractice, I reveal the Real Secrets that distinguish these effects.

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$2 Dollar Bill Tear / Expansion of Texture

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