4 Minutes of Fame

Description:  A unique twist on the Cups and Balls that puts the spectator center stage!

Credit:  Michael Ammar / Dick Williams

Format: Multimedia PDF

Size: 6 MB

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Four minutes of Fame is a very special Cups and Balls routine.  

  • You don’t need a coat or special set up.  
  • You start clean and you end clean.  
  • Everything is handed out to begin, including the Cups.  
  • One other thing worth mentioning.... A spectator from the audience performs the routine and fools himself as he fools the audience!  
Based on a concept by Dick Williams.  Starting about 12 years ago we corresponded about his concept for having a spectator perform the routine while fooling himself, and he urged me to work out some of my ideas on it.  
Long since retired, I think Dick loved to see a working professional spending time with his creation.  For me, his enthusiasm was contagious and inspirational.  He was hoping I’d develop an original routine based on his concept and I did.  This is it! 
For over 10 years, I experimented on different approaches; always trying to squeeze as much as possible out of each phase.  The result is a very satisfying sequence that repeatedly surprises the spectator and comes to a clear cut, totally organic and natural conclusion.  
This routine features new thoughts on loading, unloading and handling the cups you’ll be able to use in almost any Cups and Balls routine you perform!  
Download Instructions:  After checkout you will receive an email with a link to your file. The format is PDF (with links to the instructional videos). 

4 Minutes of Fame

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