41 Cent Miracle

Effect: A sentimental and meaningful story is told as a quarter, nickel, penny and dime magically dissapear - return, and ultimately turn into a piece of peppermint.

Creator: Michael Ammar

Source: "Easy to Master Money Miracles" Volume 1 DVD

Watch the performance:

If you like effects that give you a chance to say something meaningful to your audience, if you want an effect that packs really small and plays really big, then I think you'll love the .41 Cent Miracle. The method is very simple and is entirely self-contained. It takes no set up time and when you're finished the effect is basically ready to go again. It's easy to carry with you and the emotional hooks that make people care about what you're doing is built right into the routine. It's simple, easy, effective and has a heartwarming presentation that can be tweaked to fit any personality.

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41 Cent Miracle

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