Amazing Secrets of Card Magic – Lesson 2


  • The Fabulous Four 3's
  • Two Hearts that Beat as One
  • Tips from Pro Card Handlers
  • You do as I do
  • My Lucky Nickel
  • The Magic Words

You’ll discover five excellent effects that require no sleight of hand yet generate amazing reactions. These effects were selected to build your confidence by allowing you to concentrate entirely on the audience and your performance, without having to worry about complicated sleights or procedures. I also reveal one of card magic’s oldest and most versatile methods that will have countless other applications.

The Fabulous Four 3’s - One of my all time favorite self-working card effects. It seems like your helper determines everything at all times and yet an impossible synchronicity takes place.

Two Hearts That Beat As One - A very clever card effect that uses a little something extra you can prepare at home to add an extra level of deception to an impossible coincidence.

Top Ten List from Pro Card Handlers - Some really good advice delivered ala David Letterman’s Top Ten List.

You Do As I Do - A universal principle is revealed in the process of teaching this effect that will have many applications. In this effect, using two decks, you and a spectator connect on an impossible level.

My Lucky Nickel - Another application of the principle taught in the previous effect.

The Magic Words - Yet another demonstration of how you can use this principle is a truly wide range of different ways. 

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Amazing Secrets of Card Magic – Lesson 2

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