Amazing Secrets of Card Magic – Lesson 3

If you don’t already know a few false cuts and methods for controlling cards during the shuffle, this is the perfect introduction to a truly amazing area of expertise in the world of card magic.

Clearly, carefully demonstrated and repeated with closeup shots taken over the shoulder so the image on the screen shows you exactly what your own hands should look like as you follow along with cards in hand.

I then teach you two classic methods for forcing a person to take the exact card you want him to take, while he seems to have a free choice. Known as Forcing, there are truly countless potential applications of these techniques, so I give you three great examples just to get you started!

False Cuts, Shuffles and some Flourishes - These form the foundation to an important class of Card Controlling techniques. A good explanation of how to Control the Top and Bottom cards during cuts and shuffles, as well as how to retain the order of the entire deck. You’ll also see closeup, over-the-shoulder views of Flourishes such as the Spread, Turn Over, Fan, Pressure Fan, One Hand and Double Fans and The Charlier Cut.

Forcing a Card - I reveal two different methods for creating the impression that a selection is totally random, while in fact, he is picking the exact card you want him to.

Take and Shake - A selected card is lost back into the deck and placed into a paper bag which is shaken. Reaching into the bag, without looking, you’re able to instantly pick their selection from the bag!

Tossing the Aces - Creates the impression you are an expert manipulator.

Advice on Forcing - Sound advice from years of experience on one of card magic’s most important techniques.

The Magic Words - Yet another demonstration of how you can use this principle is a truly wide range of different ways.

Lesson 3

How to Control Cards

Forcing a card


Take and Shake

Tossing the Aces

Developing a presentation

The Aces Triumph

Planning a Performance

The Power of Destiny

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Amazing Secrets of Card Magic – Lesson 3

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