Exciting World of Magic – Lesson 1

Description: The Impossible Penetration, Advice I wish I had when I started in magic, the Bouncing Roll, the Floating Roll and more professional advice.

Source: Michael Ammar "Exciting World of Magic" DVD

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* No performance video for this item because the explanations and performances are interspersed throughout the video.

This segment begins with The Impossible Penetration, one of the most baffling close-up effects ever, in which a coin visibly passes through a piece of rubber that can be examined under a microscope. Originally sold by shops with a supply of dental rubber dam to use in the performance. Here you learn how to perform the effect with a balloon!

Following this is my favorite effect to perform at a dinner table - The Bouncing Roll. Actually, you can cause anything you can hold in your hand to seem to bounce, but this is one of the most beautiful optical illusions you can do.

The natural follow up to this is the Floating Roll, which can be done Zombie-style, with any roll and any cloth dinner napkin!

To go along with these great pieces of magic, I also give you some of the advice I wish someone could’ve given me when I was getting started in magic!

Lesson 1:

The Impossible Penetration

Advice I wish I had when I started in Magic

The Bouncing Roll

The Floating Roll 

More Professional Advice

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Exciting World of Magic – Lesson 1

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