Exciting World of Magic – Lesson 4

Description: Beginning level, but real magic that will fool your audience!

Credit: Michael Ammar

Source: Exciting World of Magic DVD

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* No performance video for this item because the explanations and performances are interspersed throughout the video.

The Linking Headbands is just my presentation of the Linking Rubber Bands created by Dan Harlan. It’s a beautiful, baffling effect that can be done close-up for just 1 person, or it can be played really big where it can be seen and understood by up to 100 people!

Following this you’ll learn 2 effects with Rubber Bands that you’ll probably perform for as long as people still use Rubber Bands!

Serial Killer was taught to me by the late Bill Smith from WV and although he never claimed to have invented it, I’ve never seen it anywhere else. But this is a beautiful method for seeming to read the serial number off of a bill borrowed from any spectator. This clever handling has fooled some of the top magicians in the world and it’s really simple to do!

The final effect in this segment is the classic Ghost Ring. A loop is created in the center of a rope held by two spectators using a Safety Pin. This loop is covered with a handkerchief as a finger ring is borrowed. Placing the ring under the handkerchief, you then remove the handkerchief to show the borrowed ring is now locked into the loop that is still locked by the Safety Pin. The spectator can only remove the ring by removing the Safety Pin and everything is examinable by the spectators!

Lesson 4:

Llinking Headbands

Band Through Thumb

Rubber Ski Lift

Serial Killer

Ghost Ring

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Exciting World of Magic – Lesson 4

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