Insurance Policy Trick


1) Adobe Reader (Preview will not work)

2) Image Editing Software or Word Processing Software

Mac or Windows are OK

Download instructions: After checkout you will receive an email with a download link. Once the file is donwloaded, you will need to unzip it. 

How to Open the PDF booklet: For the PDF Instructions, right click on the file name and choose "open with" and then select Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat (Preview won't work, it won't play the embedded videos).

To Open the Image Files: FIRST open the software you will use (Such as Word or Photoshop) - THEN import the image file you want to use. There are instructionals in the PDF file to help you - and below you will find a helpful tutorial.


 Watch the Performance:


ULTIMATE COVERAGE entertains virtually any size audience while honoring one special person in particular.

It really impresses a client when you offer to personalize an effect that flatters one guest in a fun way; in fact, it’s often the selling point that gets the booking! All clients want something extra or something special for their event. ULTIMATE COVERAGE is that something special.

An effect that packs small but plays really big which gives you an easy, cost effective way to demonstrate you’ve gone the extra mile for them. With a little advance planning and simple photo manipulation you’ll get a solid, satisfying reaction people will talk about for years.

Based on the routine from Volume 1 of Easy To Master CARD MIRACLES, I’ve rewritten the Collection Procedures; cutting them to just 6 steps, and solidified the routine over the last 20 years.

You’ll receive templates for the front and the back of the Policy for the King of Hearts and the Queen of Hearts. Each image is provided in landscape and portrait so you can decide which works best based on the photo from the client. The templates allow you to print out a Policy in a variety of different sizes so you can choose based on the gig how big you want to play this.

This effect is for performers. This is all about standing in front of groups of various sizes; from close up to large theaters, and entertaining them with 4-5 fun minutes of fun interaction. It’s also about looking great in the eyes of your client.

Based on my own experience, here’s what you can expect... A year after your performance, ULTIMATE COVERAGE will be more relevant to you and your client than some $10,000 Table of Doom Illusion you might use to close the show. Because this is the effect they’ll remember. In fact, your prop will probably be hanging on their wall!

ULTIMATE COVERAGE can be performed for and understood by both young and old, from school shows to corporate events to retirement dinners. You can reuse the same templates with the face of new clients over and over again.

If you’re a performer... this old idea could be the best new trick in your show!

You Get:
19 Page Color Instruction Booklet with embedded videos
All necessary files to customize your policy in Photoshop or Word (or similar).
**You will need Acrobat Reader for the videos in the instructions to operate (it's free to download online)
File is zipped. About 135MB


See the tutorial on how to work with the files:

Insurance Policy Trick

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