Intro to Coin Magic Lesson 2 - False Transfers

DescriptionBuilding on the previous method in this series (Intro to Coin Magic) – you will learn False Shuffles.

Credit: Michael Ammar

Source: Michael Ammar's "Complete Introduction to Coin Magic" DVD

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Continuing our Sleight-of-Hand alphabet, the letter ‘B’ would be False Transfers. Over 10 of the very best methods for Fake Taking and Fake Putting are explained in detail. Close-up shots from your own point of view make the screen look exactly as if you are looking at your own hands performing every sleight, over and over. Following along with coins in hand, this section can be even more effective than a private lesson!

Then another half dozen effects put these sleights into context. Also, we see how the section on Holding Out comes into play to support these techniques perfectly. You’ll be able to perform these effects almost any time, almost any place, and with almost any object you can hold in your hands!


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Intro to Coin Magic Lesson 2 - False Transfers

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