Introduction to Coin Magic Lesson 4 - Vanishes & Routines

Description: This lesson perfectly compliments the previous three lessons in the “Introduction to Coin Magic” series. Here, discover the ability to steal from a closed hand.

Credit: Michael Ammar

Source:Michael Ammar "The Complete Introduction to Coin Magic" DVD

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In a natural progression of techniques, to perfectly compliment the previous techniques, our fourth section, the letter ‘D’ of our alphabet, is: The ability to Steal from a Closed Hand.

As your abilities grow the potential applications begin to increase exponentially. Another interesting thing happens, as well. All your magic will seem more powerful because your ability to combine methods in various ways will completely baffle anyone trying to think back on what happened.

For example, after seeing a coin vanish a couple of times as a result of doing False Transfers, a spectator will really be fooled when he knows the coin was definitely in your hand when you closed it, and yet now it’s gone! That’s why Stealing from a Closed Hand goes so well with everything you’ve learned up to this point!

As before, I put the information into context with some really powerful coin routines you’ll be able to perform as long as people carry coins in their pockets! Beautiful camera work from above looking down into the hands gives you the perfect perspective of what your own hands should be doing.

These 4 building blocks give you the power to perform a wide range of powerful magic with coins that you or your friends would naturally have in their pockets.

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Introduction to Coin Magic Lesson 4 - Vanishes & Routines

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