Overkill / Card Thru Handkerchief / Card Penetration & Change

DescriptionThis triple performance set has some killer card magic from some of the most creative minds in magic.

Credit: "Overkill" - Harris / Ackerman / Emberg. "Card Thru Handkercheif" - unknown. 
"Card Penetration and Change" - Cy Endfield

Source: Michael Ammar "Easy to Master Card Miracles' Volume 2 DVD

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Watch the performance now:

Overkill was an all out effort to squeeze the maximum effect out of a series of climaxes. The end result is a mind boggling sequence based on very simple procedures that you have to see to fully appreciate.

At one time Card Through Handkerchief was in the repertoire of every sleight of hand performer this is one of those wonderful effects that is so old it is new again. In this version the selected card is returned to the deck, placed into the card box and wrapped inside a handkerchief. Yet on command, the selected card is seen to penetrate right through the handkerchief from the bottom of the boxed shape inside. Everything is normal and can be examined both before and after.

Rounding out this performance set is a wonderful Card Penetration and Change by the great Cy Enfield. This is a perfect followup to Card through Handkerchief!

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Overkill / Card Thru Handkerchief / Card Penetration & Change

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