Thread Session 04 - Scarf Through Microphone Stand

Description: The Scarf through Mike Stand taught here was one of the big hits of my 2010 tour. It is taught here simply using a nice reel, and you’ll see that it looks like trick photography!

Credit: Michael Ammar

Source: Easy to Master Thread Miracles" Volume 1 DVD

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* This download does not have a preview video - because the performance and explanation could not be separated.


I used the Swedish Reel to perform the Scarf Through Mic Stand on THE LATE SHOW, with David Letterman, where the scarf went through the handle of his coffee mug while he held it. So if you were one of those people looking to find out how that effect was done, this is the method that was used. 

The Swedish Reel, originally known as the El Duco Reel, is a particularly nice reel; operating so quietly even someone standing beside you won’t hear it.

I go on to teach two other classics making use of the traditional reel; The Instant Knot and the Self Untying Knot. These use the reel to create visual animations, as opposed to impossible penetrations.

Section Six

The Traditional Reel Knot Absolutely Instant

Knot Automatically Undone

Clearly Penetrated Mike Stand

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Thread Session 04 - Scarf Through Microphone Stand

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