Thread Session 06 - Ideas for using the James George ITR

Description: This Session is devoted to amazing ideas and applications of the James George Invisible Thread Reel (ITR). Including methods of passing a solid hoop over and around floating objects that are marvelously deceptive.

Source: Michael Ammar "Easy to Master Thread MIracles" Volume 2 DVD

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* A preview video is not available for this download - because the explanation and performance are intertwined.

Even though you know what genre of magic we’re dealing with, the very first effect, Finn Jon’s Mystery Nut and Bolt, will still fool the most knowledgeable magicians. The effects and applications that follow also use the I.T.R. in ways that simply aren’t obvious. 

Perhaps most important is the Perfect Practice Hookup that allows you to rehearse your routines in a way that perfectly simulates your reel hookup, but doesn’t keep sacrificing your invisible thread. 

Anyone who has ever purchased an Invisible Thread Reel will find priceless information on the potential power of this amazing creation. 

Section 1

Magic Using the ITR (Invisible Thread Reel)

Finn Jon's Mystery Nut and Bolt ALA I.T.R.

The Chop Cup Application

Dave Nelson's Dollar Bill Flight

I.T.R. Floating Bill

The Perfect Practice Hookup

Open Face Hookup

Z Grip to lock the thread

Hoop Pass: Rotating Hoop Pass

Bloom's Balancing Card

Robert Henry's Ashra Coin

I.T.R. Whirling Card

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Thread Session 06 - Ideas for using the James George ITR

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